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Moonlit Bear - Clare and Lin by Nina-Dragons-12 Moonlit Bear - Clare and Lin :iconnina-dragons-12:Nina-Dragons-12 1 6 The Willow Maid page 20 by Nina-Dragons-12 The Willow Maid page 20 :iconnina-dragons-12:Nina-Dragons-12 0 6 Young Lia Meeting Her Dad by Nina-Dragons-12 Young Lia Meeting Her Dad :iconnina-dragons-12:Nina-Dragons-12 1 0 Bast And Anubis by Nina-Dragons-12 Bast And Anubis :iconnina-dragons-12:Nina-Dragons-12 1 0 Lady Bastet by Nina-Dragons-12 Lady Bastet :iconnina-dragons-12:Nina-Dragons-12 0 0 E.S.S pg 1 by Nina-Dragons-12 E.S.S pg 1 :iconnina-dragons-12:Nina-Dragons-12 1 0 Sailor Satet Fuku by Nina-Dragons-12 Sailor Satet Fuku :iconnina-dragons-12:Nina-Dragons-12 0 0 Sailor Reshef Fuku by Nina-Dragons-12 Sailor Reshef Fuku :iconnina-dragons-12:Nina-Dragons-12 3 0 Sailor Faniha Fuku by Nina-Dragons-12 Sailor Faniha Fuku :iconnina-dragons-12:Nina-Dragons-12 0 3 Sailor Anhur Fuku by Nina-Dragons-12 Sailor Anhur Fuku :iconnina-dragons-12:Nina-Dragons-12 1 0 Sailor Faniha by Nina-Dragons-12 Sailor Faniha :iconnina-dragons-12:Nina-Dragons-12 0 5 Bast And Anubis by Nina-Dragons-12 Bast And Anubis :iconnina-dragons-12:Nina-Dragons-12 0 0 Sailor Anhur x Sailor Satet by Nina-Dragons-12 Sailor Anhur x Sailor Satet :iconnina-dragons-12:Nina-Dragons-12 2 11 Sailor Reshef - Akara by Nina-Dragons-12 Sailor Reshef - Akara :iconnina-dragons-12:Nina-Dragons-12 5 0 Sailor Satet and Sailor Reshef by Nina-Dragons-12 Sailor Satet and Sailor Reshef :iconnina-dragons-12:Nina-Dragons-12 2 0 Who drew it? by Nina-Dragons-12 Who drew it? :iconnina-dragons-12:Nina-Dragons-12 0 0


Sailor Moon Base - Princess You In Danger by SailorFlower Sailor Moon Base - Princess You In Danger :iconsailorflower:SailorFlower 19 0 Destiny by Seeraphine Destiny :iconseeraphine:Seeraphine 139 24
Daughter Of Evil
Smiling eyes full of hope and happiness witnessed the fair princess ascend the throne. Now, smiling eyes full of hope and happiness witnessed the fair princess's execution.
The bells chimed. Three times, each louder than the last. The last chime would be the signal of her death. Her reign would end, and it would soon be over. And yet . .
"Oh, it's tea time!"
Her cheerful voice echoed through the crowd before the guillotine came down.
When the king and queen passed away, there was an uproar. It was not much of a surprise, really, given the years they've lived through. Still, the news had been saddening to the citizens but the neighboring countries were ecstatic of their death. Soon, word of conquest spread just as quickly as their deaths, and fear was the fog that blurred out the kingdom's once-bright future. With no other way of settling the rumors, the young princess of only age fourteen was placed upon the throne.
With numerous eyes fixed upon her, she took dainty steps down the re
:iconoo-maika-oo:Oo-Maika-oO 2 0
Ciel x Reader ~Home~ Ch.2
Chapter II: The Tortoise and the Hare
The very next morning you started your duties as servant in the Phantomhive household. You wore an outfit similar to Mey-Rin's, and you had tied your (h/l) (h/c) hair up with a pretty blue ribbon. Though you were classified as a maid, you didn't have any particular duties, you just did what you were told and offered to help wherever you could. You enjoyed helping out in the garden with Finny, cooking with Bardroy, and cleaning with Mey-Rin. You had to admit to yourself that it was actually a lot of fun to be around these people, and you had a feeling that the four of you would come to be great friends.
"_____! Can you help me with this?!" You heard someone call. You recognize the voice to be Bard's, and you quickly rush into the kitchen to find him scurrying to put out a small fire that had started on the stove. You sighed and reached for a big pot that was hanging in a corner and quickly filled it with cold water from the sink. You brushed past th
:iconmomo-shroom:momo-shroom 270 88
Blind!Ciel Phantomhive x Servant!Reader
You ducked under the full wine glass thrown at your head- with remarkable aim, considering the young master’s disability, and bowed lowly, knowing it was expected of you even if he couldn’t see it.
“Yes, master. I will, master,” you said quickly, your tone indicating a plead for forgiveness. The navy-ette huffed, sitting back in his throne-like dining chair and focusing his attention back on the appetizers that Sebastian- perfect Sebastian, had prepared.
You stooped down to collect the metal goblet, disregarding the stain that its contents had left behind. The perfect butler could take care of that later, you told yourself as you ducked out of the room, the stem of the glass clenched tightly between your fingers. Head bowed and tears threating to spill over, you practically ran down the empty halls, knowing there was no one in the spacious manor to run into, all of the serving
:iconshadowsbyday:ShadowsByDay 57 18
After eternity- Female!Ciel x Sebastian- part 4
Sebastian's POV:
An unbearable pain spreads through my chest like fire, as I look shocked down at the dagger in my chest. A familiar green liquid drips down onto the ground, it's doketsu poison. The deadliest poison in the demon world. "Sebastian! Pull yourself together!" Ciel's voice sounds vague, almost like I'm surrounded by a bubble. "C-Ciel, I-" But suddenly I feel a hard kick in my stomach and with a loud thud I fall down onto the ground. "Stay down cockroach and watch while I rape your little maid, right in front of your eyes." A wicked grin spreads on Calypso's lips as he kneels down in front of me and whispers in my ear. "I'll make her moan like a hoar and let her beg for mercy." A weak growl rolls over my lips as I try to stand up, only to be kicked back down. "Give up Malphas, you've lost."
Ciel's POV:
Shocked I stare at Sebastian as he starts to cough up blood and as his whole body starts to shudder. "S-Sebas-tian…" What was going on with him? Why did he
:iconanimeredwolf:AnimeRedwolf 51 17
Ciel Madness Returns by Hiroshinki Ciel Madness Returns :iconhiroshinki:Hiroshinki 308 88 Time to undress, bocchan by BloodyButterfly-wp Time to undress, bocchan :iconbloodybutterfly-wp:BloodyButterfly-wp 130 5 the crow's family by karura999 the crow's family :iconkarura999:karura999 5 3
The Phantomhive Demon
Sebastian was doing his regular nightly duties when all of a sudden he a got sharp pain in his side. He gasped in pain but just ignored it and went back to his duties. After a while, it was morning and Sebastian's pains went from bad to worse, but Sebastian just thought he was coming down with some demon sickness so he went to Ciel's room to wake him up.
He got to his room and went to open the curtains when he was struck with the worst cramp ever. He gripped the curtains tight and stifled a groan.
Finally the pain went away.
He opened the curtains and said, "Young master it's time for you to..." but he was cut short when another pain crashed over his body making him clutch his stomach and fall to his knees and groan.
Ciel woke and said "SEBASTIAN! What are you doing on the floor? Are you ok?" Sebastian looked up panting heavily and said " I honestly don't know, young master. I've been having these really bad stomach pains since last night and they have been getting worse and..." Sebast
:iconemilyricardi:emilyricardi 204 339
Family portrait by Vilyuubi Family portrait :iconvilyuubi:Vilyuubi 257 105 Satsujin Brothers (Kayden's Swords) by TDG-Arts Satsujin Brothers (Kayden's Swords) :icontdg-arts:TDG-Arts 4 0 AE Prologue: Page 5 by Accidental-Elemental AE Prologue: Page 5 :iconaccidental-elemental:Accidental-Elemental 89 34 The Ultimate Meme 1.0 by UltimateMemeMaker The Ultimate Meme 1.0 :iconultimatemememaker:UltimateMemeMaker 4,731 569 Character Meme I - Ages by Thrash-Waltz Character Meme I - Ages :iconthrash-waltz:Thrash-Waltz 21,693 2,734



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United States
I was born in Sioux Falls, I have lived in Irene for six years, and this is my preminent home.


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Hey guys... I can't seemed to get more comic pages uploaded.
So if you guys go any questions to ask me or my current characters you cansimply ask away (but please don't make the questions to presonal)

Thank you guys,


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